Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Play the ball where the monkey drops it

The conference is over and it is with sadness that I leave 3500 participants and designers to their own destiny. I can only say I want to go next year! It is going to be in Boston so that might just work out.

I have had a great time and made many friends here and many BFF (best friends forever). We have discussed topics that are the same all over the world. Such as how to sell an idea to a client, how to make profit and still do the things you love to do, and how to manage creatives. I have gotten a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to try when I get back home.

I could live on Carrol street
The other night we all went (Jon, Ana, Joanna, Gaia, Damien, Lewis, Kurt and Eric) to a nice restaurant on Carrol Street. The whole street looked like it was a surfers joint with buildings almost coming apart but with nice decorative colors and very artistic. The restaurant itself had different tables with different chairs, each with its own personality. The food was nice too. I ordered a tuna steak with rice. Delicious. Later I had to go to do the CD-swap so I left everybody and found the 40 people that I traded CDs with. So now I have 40 CDs with different kinds of music - that is going to take a year to listen to all of that! So afterwards I was think of meeting up with the people on Carrol Street but decided that I would try the Pub-crawl instead. So I ended up in a cab with Alexis and some other people. Alexis and I had a great time and we had a few beers at Neighbor and at Dark Horse. I also spoke with people from the CD-trade and got to say hello to Smitcat, Jenny Payne and David Schaffer. We had a great time.

A party in an aquarium
Well there has to be a first time for every experience but if some one told me when I was born that I would go to a party in an aquarium I wouldn't belive them. But it was awesome and I got some great pictures that I will post soon.

Let the monkey decide. There is a golfcourse in India where the monkey changed the rules of the game of golf. The monkey kept coming in from the forest and picking up the balls. So the humans created a wall but the monkey came upp with ideas of getting over the wall. So the humans captured the monkeys and took them to other forests further away but then other monkeys took their place and still kept picking up the ball. Finally the humans changed the rules. So from now on my new motto is Play the ballsy where the monkey drops it.

Karen Salomensohn is a great speaker by the way. Visit her website here.

Hasta pronto

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